Wrestlemania XXVIII

Stageco was called upon again in 2012 to help WWE create an over the top spectacle for the pinnacle event in their year. Stageco created numerous customized structures for the event including:

A cabana style four-post structure over the ring which was based on the superroof material but also utilized design components from the pyramid built for the WrestleMania in 2010.

A video support built into the seats of the stadium that was 300ft in length and nearly 40ft in height.

An entryway stage that was 250ft x 64ft x 8ft (WxDxH) with a 100ft long ramp to the ground for the performers to strut their stuff on. Also incorporated into this structure was a ground support for a video wall that was nearly 200ft in length and 18ft in heigth.

Numerous miscellaneous scaffolding platforms around the stadium to support lighting and other elements.